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 Cette année 2020 :

–> Vous bénéficiez du tarif spécial adhérents à 8 € (au lieu de 12 €) au Théâtre de Pierres.

–>Vous bénéficiez d’un tarif réduit sur la saison culturelle de la ville de Pézenas.

Vous pouvez télécharger et imprimer notre Bulletin, et nous l’emmener au prochain spectacle. Nous vous remettrons alors en main propre votre carte d’adhésion.

Si vous voulez nous soutenir mais que vous habitez loin, vous pouvez nous l’envoyer à notre adresse :

                       Théâtre De Pierres, 3 rue des remparts, 34480 FOUZILHON.

Merci à tous !

Télécharger le Bulletin d’adhésion 2020

Télécharger (PDF, Inconnu)

Télécharger (DOC, 5KB)


5 Comments on ADHESION et STATUTS

  1. je vous envoie ce jour un chèque de soutien pour votre asso que j’apprécie. vous remplirait le bulletin pour moi.
    bonne année au théâtre de Pierres

    • Jérôme Médeville says:

      Merci Isabelle !
      Bonne année à toi aussi, on s’occupe du papier 🙂
      (hier on a fait une super AG avec plein de monde !) à bientôt !

  2. Surajo Malhotra says:

    Dear Theatre,
    I was for a holiday in your village.
    I lieved on top in front of Ron´s Place.
    Currently I am making a Course in Berlin to get a Tour guide Certificate at the chambre of Commerce here.It is financed by the Europaean Social fonds. They pay for my flat and for the transportation, if I find an internship from march to june. Iam a Health coach and fitnesstrainer and manager. Iam used to artists. I really would like to stay with your project. What you think about a personal trainer with you?
    Please tell me via email to where I can send my CV and the internshipcontract, so that you can decide, if you want me there from march to june 2015.
    Deadline to submit the signed Copntract at the office of my school is the 21. of january.
    I am 49 jears old and I tavelled to Europ, Africa and india. Iam born in Berlin. I am a white skinned North Europaean woman.
    Please respond to me. Thanks and all the best.
    I can also offer in exchange my little flat in Berlin Schöneberg in the Center of old West Berlin for someone to stay in Berlin, while I am at your place, iof someone of you is interested.
    Surajo Malhotra
    10823 Berlin

    • Jérôme Médeville says:

      Hi, I sent your request at the 4 owners of the theatre.
      I will tell you their answer.

      best regards…


    • Jérôme Médeville says:

      Hi ! Sorry I think we forgot to answer right after your demand !
      I spoke (long time ago ) to the others and they though our situation is too complicated to have somebody else with us; We alweys have in our supplementary flat people in difficulty with life, and there is no room left for having good life standing together 5 of us with 3 children !
      I wich you good life and maybe one day in Berlin ! (we have family in Berlin !)

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